Field Service – we are there for you wherever you need us

Team und Monteure von Serafima

Does this kind of situation sound familiar to you? When machines aren’t working properly, even the smallest of components can quickly turn into a major problem. It is precisely at times like these that the service technician often becomes an emergency helper or a last-minute rescuer.

And our promise to you is that, regardless of the time or place, our Serafima team will be there for you wherever and whenever you need us to get your system up and running again.

Whether it’s a routine inspection, preventive maintenance or rapid troubleshooting, profit from our expertise and benefit from our technicians’ wealth of experience: we will support you with any issues relating to your fans and compressors, detect problems at an early stage and maintain the functionality of your system.

The work of our customer-focused field service team is tailored to your individual requirements. 

The benefit for you:

  • We’re your one-stop shop!
    You will save time and have the energy to concentrate on the important things in your value chain while we take care of your fan and compressor equipment.
  • We are independent from the manufacturer: 
    You simply don’t need any other service providers. Just like our services, our range of spare parts is not limited to any one manufacturer.
  • We provide first class support: 
    Your requests and wishes are always in the best hands with our service managers.

Installation and Commissioning

If you wish, we can provide support and assistance during the assembly, installation and commissioning of your fans and compressors. Our experienced technicians will be right by your side during this process to supervise and ensure that the assembly stage is seamless and professional. Following completion of the assembly and electrical installation work, the electrical, mechanical and procedural commissioning process is carried out for you at your premises by our service technicians. This means that we work together to make sure your systems are optimally integrated into your production process.

Laser Shaft Alignment

In order to ensure that rotating machines have a long lifetime and service life, the machines need to be aligned in an optimum manner, both vertically and horizontally. If optimum alignment is not ensured, rotating components, such as couplings, bearings, shaft seals, and other machine components are subject to increased wear over time. Unnatural tension occurs in the power transmission. Poorly aligned shaft drives or belt drives are therefore often the reason for machine damage and system failure.

But that is preventable. In order to prevent exactly this kind of situation, our service technicians, who have received good training, are available to help you. They will align your drive train using laser alignment devices so that your system can be operated in an optimum condition.

Another positive effect of this is the energy which is saved. This energy would otherwise have been lost due to increased friction.

Advantages of precise shaft alignment:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Extended service life of all machine components
  • Smoother operation and reduced vibration
  • Decrease in energy consumption
  • Reduced temperatures on the bearings, coupling and lubrication system
  • Reduced wear
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Field Balancing

Unbalance is a physical phenomenon that is always associated with rotating components. With fans and compressors in particular, dirt deposits, minor damage and wear during operation leads to increasing unbalance. Sooner or later, this leads to damage to machines, foundations and buildings. This phenomenon needs to be counteracted.  

In the event of increasing unbalance, field balancing is an efficient way in which to significantly reduce the vibration of your machine.

A lot of rotors can, regardless of their condition, be balanced directly in the machine without removal. This provides a sustainable increase in the smoothness of the operation of your machines and, at the same time, increase their lifetimes and service lives. 

All our technicians have a mobile vibration meter in order to restore your machines to the desired level of smooth operation and thus ensure that your machines serve your business purposes for a long time to come.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

Ensure your system availability in the long term and thus achieve your production quality at a predictable cost. Serafima service agreements for maintenance and repair services are tailored precisely to your needs after an individual consultation with the service partner. For you, this means: a full service from a single source.

  • Optimum machine condition:
    thanks to regular maintenance of your system you can ensure that your production process is reliable and prevent unexpected machine failures.
  • Maximum lifetime:
    regular servicing ensures a higher level of operational reliability and a longer service life for your system. 
  • Maximum cost transparency:
    thanks to our agreed service packages, you can plan your long-term expenditure.