As a global service provider in the field of fans and compressors, Serafima focuses primarily on offering you a comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle of your system, regardless of your industry.

Therefore, in our 20 years of experience we have always been guided by one key question: what makes an excellent service partner stand out from a good service partner?

We think this is the answer: Service is not just an activity but, rather, an attitude and Serafima is all about providing an outstanding service.

This concept is still firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy now and thus in our DNA. And for good reason: you and your requirements are the focus of our thought process and our actions. We enjoy going the extra mile for you.


Team und Monteure von Serafima

Field Service

Does this kind of situation sound familiar to you? When machines aren’t working properly, even the smallest of components can quickly turn into a major problem. It is precisely at times like these that the service technician on-site often becomes an emergency helper or a last-minute rescuer.

In-house repairs

Should it not be possible to carry out a repair on-site in a particular case, we also offer an ideal solution for this kind of situation: our in-house repair service.

Technical support

Whether you just need some minor advice about your application or an important component needs repairing or replacing, we will be there for you whenever you need us!

Spare parts

Your technical system will generally be used for many years. In order to enable you to continue working in a plannable manner in the long term, machine availability is the key factor in your production chain. On the basis of the documentation, we will provide you with all the spare parts you need in OEM quality in next to no time to guarantee your system availability in the long term.

Fans and system components

If it is no longer viable to carry out a repair, the downtime of the entire system for the repair is not feasible or the framework conditions of the machine change, a replacement machine is often the better, sometimes even cheaper, alternative to a repair.

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Serafima stands for customer service, quality and maximum flexibility. As a solution provider for fluidic and process systems in the field of chemistry, the petrochemical industry and the steel industry, our primary focus is not just understanding our customers’ requirements but also fulfilling these requirements sustainably and in full.

We have been making this promise for over 20 years!

About us

About us