Technical Support

Whether you just need some minor advice about your application or an important component needs repairing or replacing, we will be there for you whenever you need us! Something which is reassuring to remember is that expert help is just a phone call away.

Our service specialists have thorough knowledge of your machine portfolio and provide you with expert advice on all technical matters relating to your fans and compressors. This means that you can always stay on the safe side and get back up and running quickly if the worst happens.

Our specialists use their experience to help your employees find a fast and effective solution to problems at your premises. Simply get in touch with us.

Modifications, retrofitting and increased performance

New technologies, new functions, new statutory requirements: we will help you stay up to date with the constant changes. At the end of the day, you will have your fans for a number of years. 

To make sure that your fans always remain up to date despite the fast pace of developments, the option of retrofitting is available in lots of cases, as is the option of replacing your fan with a new machine. Modifications or extensions can adapt your fans to the changed requirements in a fast and cost-effective manner. Regardless of whether just individual operating parameters (medium, pressure, temperature), performance requirements or explosion classes (ATEX zones) have changed or whether you simply want to retrofit your machine to meet the current standard of the machine or Atex directive, we will find a solution for you here too.


An overview of our services:

  • Increases in performance and energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of individual components, e.g. impellers, inlet vane controls, housing etc.
  • Modification/retrofitting to amended explosion classes (ATEX - Directive 2014/34/EU)
  • Modification/retrofitting to meet current safety standards
  • Measures for increasing the machine service life
  • Adjustment of installation and connection dimensions

Remote Support – global remote maintenance and remote diagnosis in real time

Maintenance does not always have to be carried out on-site by a specialist service technician. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to carry out maintenance from almost anywhere at almost any time nowadays. The only important factor is that you need to be using the right technology to achieve that. Serafima is up to date here too. Our solutions: Serafima Smart Support and Serafima Quick Support.

With our Smart Support, our technicians can use data glasses, which we will provide, to gain a precise overview of what is happening in your machine at your premises via an integrated camera. This means that we can stay by your side despite being in different locations. We will provide you with very simple instructions for carrying out repair and maintenance activities. 

If necessary, we can, share instruction manuals, circuit diagrams or drawings with you. This enables us to provide you with an informative and interactive services, which is also optimised in terms of cost and time, on a global basis!

The result of this is reduced response times and minimum downtime

Another option is our Quick Support. To access this support you’ll need to download an app to your smartphone or tablet. Then you’ll use the camera on your device as an “eye”. We will look at your problem via the camera and guide you through solving the issue as if we were right there with you at your premises. 


The advantages for you:

  • Efficiency, thanks to rapid troubleshooting
  • Cost reduction, thanks to savings on travel expenses
  • Reduced response times, thanks to augmented reality support
  • Efficient knowledge transfer, thanks to audio-visual instructions
  • Hands-free communication offered by new communication options for the user, machine operator and service technician
  • Live transmission of the service case to the Serafima specialists from the first-person perspective of the viewer

Reverse Engineering

Impellers and housing on continuous-flow machines are often subject to a high level of stress. It is rarely possible to prevent the first signs of wear from developing over the course of time and it is advisable to have the right spare part to hand for such cases. The original manufacturer will not always exist and, in some cases, it is useful to have an alternative to the original manufacturer too:

In cases like this, Serafima also offers an optimum solution thanks to its reverse engineering of impellers and housing. We will always develop an optimum solution for your spare part in close cooperation with our partners.

In order to ensure that our components meet the highest of standards, we pay particular attention to the careful selection of the material, as well as the correct technical design from a flow perspective. Strength calculations using the finite element method (FEM) guarantee maximum safety and performance.

Do you have any questions about our services? Write to us.